Preparing for inspection

May 14, 2009

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Any school belonging to an accreditation scheme will have to accept regular inspections to check its standards. For all the staff involved ...

Preparing for accreditation

December 07, 2007

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When a school decides it is ready for official recognition a lot is at stake. The process will involve investment in bringing the school up to standard...

Accreditation and visas

August 23, 2007

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I was recently reading and interesting article in Language Travel magazine. For convenience, I have summarised the...

Orwell meets Carroll

May 23, 2006

Why compulsion doesn't work.

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Whatever our current political masters embody today it certainly isn’t wisdom. Wisdom exhorts us to work with human nature rather than try to change it. Our leaders, however, seem bent on creating a society that proliferates rules to try to curb every impulse known to humanity. The resulting society with its CCTVs, its encouragement to whistleblowers, its recourse to the courtroom for every minor dispute, its disregard for the truth and factual evidence...