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Snow in winter? There's a surprise.

January 07, 2010

Hello again,

So, the UK is at a standstill because we had a few inches of snow. In my part of the country even the city schools

are closed...

... Public transport is decimated and major roads are still blocked.

We are told that because such severe weather is so rare local councils cannot afford to buy equipment that could b

we used to clear the roads. Apparently we have only eight days’ supply of gas in store (countries like France and

Germany have 100 days). People don’t fit winter tyres on their cars and nobody bothers to clear the snow in front

of their homes.

I wonder how we have become so pathetic in our response to what is, after all, hardly a surprising aspect of

winter. When I was a child I remember many harsh winters stretching from November to March, but schools didn’t

close and roads were quickly cleared. Yet what really angers me is the economic argument. We can find billions of

pounds to bale out corrupt banks; we spend millions daily maintaining military operations in countries we have no

right to be in, so why can’t we find the money needed to keep the country going during what is arguably perfectly

normal weather for a northern European country? Answers please!

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