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January 06, 2010

Hello again,

Let me first wish all readers a happy, peaceful and successful New Year...

...It is some time since I posted anything on this weblog. I’ve had to deal with a lot in my personal life and it is, perhaps, fitting that the end of the decade has been a time of transition for me. The recession has definitely affected bookings at the more expensive end of the English courses market and I did very little face-to-face training in 2009. I am now streamlining my activities to concentrate on writing materials and having more free time. We decided it was time to sell our cottage in France and are now based permanently in the UK. So I face the new decade with a sense of having moved on but feeling unsure as to the direction I will take!

The kind people at ESL-school have asked me to continue with the blog but with a less restricted brief . I will try to provide an offbeat point of view on issues to stimulate debate. I shall also be happy to discuss any points that readers wish to raise so please send in your comments.

I hope you will keep reading.

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  1. Hamed Hammad Says:

    Dear Brenda,
    Thanks alot for your efforts to help us as EsL teachers as"Non-natives" all the year round.I have transfered your articles and co-workers'comments on ESL field to my teachers and Ss during 2009.Really,We need alot especially in teaching skills and supervision field"Mentoring".We are thirst to your EsL expertise and experience.I wish you more success and comfortable ,luxorious movein UK.All give you regards and respect from Egypt
    Best regards
    Hamed Hammad
    An EsL teacher trainer,Supervisor,Egypt,Kafr El Sheikh

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