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Books of the month

February 19, 2009

Hello again,

When it comes to business English resources, the most important quality is flexibility. It is seldom possible to follow a coursebook in a linear way with business English students and...

... I really dislike dipping in and out of books that were planned as a sequential course. The best alternative, therefore, is a resource pack offering photocopiable material that can be used as and when it is needed.

This month, therefore, I am looking at four packs from Cambridge University Press that together seem to me a very valuable addition to the business English resource library. Business English Frameworks contains 60 photocopiable frameworks, which encourage learners to talk about their own work situation in a structured way. The frameworks can be used in groups, pairs or in one-to-one teaching situations. This is precisely the kind of material I find most useful because while the topic and typical language structures are covered in the framework, individual students can relate them to their specific situation.

Cambridge Business English Activities offers a variety of pair and group activities to practise the most common functions and language in business, ranging from socialising and eating out to negotiating and marketing.

In Business is a collection of 30 activities focusing on business vocabulary, functional language and skills. The activities are suitable for levels from lower to upper-intermediate level and cover a range of key functions such as negotiating, telephoning, and presenting, within a variety of relevant business contexts.

The Intercultural Resource Pack has material to help students talk about their national culture and the culture of their organisation. It aims to develop intercultural awareness and competence through 50 different activities. Each activity has notes for the teacher, explaining the procedure and possible outcomes and providing suggestions for further reading.

Teachers wanting to try out these materials can register for free samples: http://www.cambridge.org/elt/ccc/resources.asp/.

Why not tell others about resources and books you find useful?

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