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Grundtvik Actions

December 04, 2008

Hello again,
Teachers wishing to broaden their training and cultural awareness can apply for a Grundtvik grant from the EU. Many teachers tell me that they feel the type of training available to them is limited...

... but I am sure that if they looked at the wide range of courses available through Grundtvik they would change their minds.

And there are opportunities for schools to mount new courses that fit the Grundtvik portfolio.

Grundtvik is designed to help improve the quality of lifelong learning for people working in adult learning to undertake a training course in a country other than that in which they normally live or work. Participants are encouraged to improve their practical teaching / coaching / counselling / management skills and to gain a broader understanding of adult learning in Europe. The courses concerned must have a strong European focus.

In addition, grants for more informal training, such as a placement or observation periods in an adult education organisation or a public or non-governmental organisation involved in adult education (job-shadowing), are available under the Grundtvig Visits and Exchanges for Adult Education Staff.

According to the remit, the training for which grants are awarded may have to do with:

* The content and delivery of adult education, in particular course content and teaching methodology;
* The accessibility of learning opportunities for adults, in particular for disadvantaged social groups;
* The management of adult learning, including governance at local and regional level, administration, quality assurance, support services such as counselling and guidance, developing community-based schemes for adult learning etc.;
* The system/policy-related aspects of adult education including all types of strategic issues, funding models, development of cooperation between providers in the context of learning regions, indicators and benchmarking etc.

An on-line database of training activities, known as the Grundtvig Course Catalogue, helps applicants identify training which is eligible for funding under this Action and which best meets their training needs. The URL is: http://ec.europa.eu/education/trainingdatabase/search.cfm/.
Organisations wishing to register a course in the Catalogue can also do so via that link.

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