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The language students going to the USA

September 28, 2008

Hello again,

Language Travel Magazine has published results of a survey...

... it did among English language students going to the USA.

In all 106 students participated with an average age of 25.4 years. Courses average 14. 7 weeks with an average of 8.6 students per class studying for 22.5 hours per week. About a third of the students had used an agent to source their course for them, while about 44% made their booking through an agent or advisor. Student satisfaction was high, with 97% saying they would recommend their course.

Koreans and Chinese topped the nationality list with Germans being the most represented nationality among Europeans. This is a change from last year when Japanese were top of the list. In fact in 2007 44 nationalities were represented as opposed to 26 in this survey.

The main reasons given for learning English in the USA were further study, especially at American colleges and universities, and work.

One of the great benefits of studying English in an English-speaking environment is the opportunity to talk to native speakers. However, the survey had some worrying results in this respect: “Only 13 per cent of respondents found it very easy to practise their English with local people however, while a further 32 per cent found it quite easy and 45 per cent found it to be either quite hard or very hard.” What, I wonder, could schools do to increase the opportunities for students to talk to local people? I shall give it some thought.

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