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Career prospects in ELT

August 31, 2008

Hello again,

The perennial question concerning career prospects in ELT has been raised yet again in a forum. To answer the question, I think we need to take...

... a bird’s eye view.

In the first place, teaching is itself a perfectly straightforward career. Teachers usually have the option of expanding their classroom range or moving through a teaching management hierarchy. ELT is no different. However, what it does offer more than any their area of teaching is the opportunity to expand the classroom range in different countries, thus giving the teacher the opportunity for many different cultural experiences. ELT, like most teaching, does not attract people who are interested in primarily in financial gain. But a properly qualified teacher working in a reputable sector of ELT can make a decent living.

The range of teaching experience can also include many different types of institution as well different countries. Private colleges, state education, university departments and in-company training offer a varied choice for the teacher to acquire experience with different age-groups and different types of student.

With some valuable experience, a teacher can then also look at ELT-related activities if they want to branch out from the mainstream classroom. Teacher training is one possibility. The more commercially oriented teacher might try marketing courses or being a sales representative for a publisher or an exam board. The academically inclined might look for a research post in a university or within the development section of exam boards. The creative teacher might think of writing materials or of working inside publishing.

All in all, ELT offer a wide range of opportunities for the teacher who is genuinely interested in the field, is willing to become properly qualified and to gain useful experience.

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