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You don't need books to enjoy literature

November 22, 2007

Hello again,

Internet resources for ELT just get better and better. Recent developments to help teachers introduce their students to the rich world of English literature now mean you don’t even need ...

...any books. I am aware of at least two projects that make works available online and give teachers notes and discussions to help them in the classroom.

BritLit has a range of materials based on the works of various authors: http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/download/britlit/britlit.shtml/. You could start with a relatively short text such as Fay Weldon’s story, Weekend. The site offers the whole text, not only to read but to listen to, read by author. And the teacher’s preparation is done in the form of worksheets for students to complete.

Another useful site is New Writing: http://newwriting.britishcouncil.org/. Once again online texts are provided and teachers’ notes are available. The texts are grouped according to theme.

Another initiative by the British Council is Encompass, which has a special reading group for ELT teachers. The site has a discussion board and live chat, so teachers can interact with others and learn form the experiences of colleagues: http://britishcouncil.world-communities.org/encompass/discussionboards/. The boards moderator describes the facility as: an initiative of a collective of English language teachers from all over the world who are also passionate about literature and would like to share this passion with other fellow teachers. November’s text is In the National Gallery by Doris Lessing. So if you want to start reading and discussing, visit the site, download the text and off you go.

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