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Benefits of a short course

July 08, 2007

Hello again,
Many business and professional people share the dilemma of needing to improve their English but of having only limited time free to study. A week or...

... two weeks are often the most they can find in their busy schedule. It is important therefore that schools help gain maximum benefit from this experience and explain to them what they can gain.

First the opportunity to be immersed in English gives them an “acquisition-rich” environment. They need to make the most of this by talking to as wide a range of people as possible and by listening to the language around them. This will give their fluency and understanding a real boost.

Next they should identify with their trainer four or five specific areas where they have difficulties, questions or lack confidence so that these can be targeted. It is important to keep a not of what they learn and, if appropriate that they should have sound recording s of their performance to take home for future reference.

Then they need to pinpoint a few gaps they have in their knowledge: vocabulary and structural points. Again they need to record their progress on these points.

At they end of the course they should have some means of obtaining feedback on how they have progressed in these ways so that they can measure their achievement. But it is also important that they have a plan and a method for continuing to learn after the course so that they can build on these achievements. If possible the school should offer long-distance back-up through e-mail, telephone and virtual classrooms.

By following these simple steps the client can go away feeling the investment of time has been worthwhile and of continuing long-term benefit.

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