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The job description

June 22, 2007

Hello again,

Whether you intend to advertise or use a recruitment agency, you will need a full and accurate job description in order to attract candidates of the right quality and deter those who are unsuitable. Include age groups...

... to be taught; special responsibilities; contact hours: administrative duties; social duties. Describe the compensation package: salary, holiday entitlement, health insurance, accommodation, relocation and travel allowances, professional training opportunities. Include information about the school: its size; location; types of student; facilities; how long established; accreditation and status; the working culture (formal/informal); dress code.

When compiling the job description try to think beyond the obvious tangible benefits that might attract high-quality staff. People are not necessarily looking for just a job and compensation is not the be-all and end-all. Your teachers are likely to be young and eager for experience not just in the professional sense but also of new places, new cultures, new relationships. So paint an enticing but realistic picture of your country, its customs, its cuisine. Describe the people and their attitudes—I am not talking about stereotypes—for example, you could mention some national heroes, national pastimes, how people spend their leisure. Appeal too to their higher nature: what will they be able to contribute?

Teachers also like to believe that through their work they can “make a difference”. So even if the salaries you offer are modest, you may still be able to attract the best because of the overall experience teachers can expect in contributing their expertise.

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