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Ingredients of successful academic management

March 08, 2007

Hello again,

How a school implements its academic management will vary according to the size of the organization, the turnover of staff, the cultural context and many other factors. Some schools may have a hierarchy with a...

...DOS supported by a number of posts of special responsibility (resources, exams, etc.) while others may have a horizontal, team approach. However, whatever model of management is chosen, the ingredients for success remain the same. The academic management must respond to the needs of learners and their sponsors and support the teaching team in meeting those needs.

It seems to me there are three pillars to successful academic management. First it needs to have clear policies and procedures for deciding on the content of syllabuses for all courses offered, selecting and updating materials relevant to learners’ levels, needs and interests.

Next the academic management has to address the school’s teaching requirements and the day-to-day operation of the team. Crucial here are recruitment procedures so that teachers with the right qualifications and experience are selected, quality control through classroom observation and feedback, teacher support and professional and personal development of teachers to enhance morale and inspire excellence, and ensuring channels of communication between the academic management and teachers and among the teaching team.

Then there is the monitoring of students’ progress and providing
the feedback they and their sponsors need. This entails:

  • placement in appropriate classes through written/oral tests, interviews or self-assessment
  • procedures for regular assessment and feedback
  • strong reporting procedures for learners and sponsors
  • end of course achievement/progress testing and certification
  • advice on external exams if appropriate.

Please let me know what you think!

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