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Recruiting for the new academic year

October 03, 2006

Hello again,

As I return from a week of walking in the Pyrenees (just wonderful), I am thinking about the new acaemic year that is just beginning. Many of you will now be gearing up for recruitment. It's a key process that will shape the school environment for new and returning students, and staff. It really is...

... worth some careful planning to avoid costly mistakes and to ensure harmony in the months ahead. I suggest the crucial planning stages are involvement, balance, information and advertising.

By involvement I mean consulting all those who will interact with the new teachers. This is not just to gather opinions, although that is important. It is also to ensure that you know what information each section of the school will wish to you give the candidates. Your admin department may need to remind them of key documents to bring such as a birth certificate. Your D.O.S. may want to you request certain non-teaching skills to ensure that the new recruits can bring something extra to the team: musical ability or acting skills, for example.

Balance in the staffroom is also important. If you have too many inexperienced teachers you may put undue pressure on the support structure. The gender balance can be important as can the age range. Try to ensure you achieve a balance that reflects your students\' needs.

The information you provide for prospective teachers is crucial in helping a self-selection process. Be accurate about the job description, the local conditions, including any employment or visa regulations, and the candidate profile you are seeking. The better the information, the more likely you are to attract the right kinds of applicant and deter the others.

Plan your advertising campaign to reach the right audience. If your staff are recruited from overseas, then use of the Internet makes good sense as you will reach the widest possible range of candidates. Back up your advertisements with an informative website of your own and make sure candidates can apply online or by email.

Putting careful thought into recruitment planning can help you avoid costly and distressing errors and ensure a smooth start to a successful new academic year.

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  1. colette Says:

    hi I am a teacher moving to costa rica in december, I am, eagerly seeking work there and was wondering if you can help me with job vacancies, or can I send you my cv if you like. I recently taught English to a group of people in tortuguero for five weeks and fell in love with the country and the culture
    look forward to hearing from you
    kind regards
    Colette O'halloran

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