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Online teaching for course follow-up

September 01, 2006

Hello again,

A school owner was talking to me recently about the possibility of taking advantage of Internet technology to offer additional services in her school. It set me thinking. One of the unsatisfactory aspects of completing a course of study is that students have no further access to the team that ...

...delivered the teaching. Yet there must be many ways in which they need support after they leave the school. Perhaps they want to write a CV, prepare for an interview, complete an application form. Or, apart from specific tasks, they may just wish to keep their learning fresh.

I don’t know how many school already do this, but surely an obvious post-course option schools can offer is Internet and email contact so that students can keep in touch with their teachers and continue learning. By using a password protected website, schools could post online lessons with exercises for students to complete and have corrected with feedback from teachers. They could also have access to the teachers by dedicated email so that they could ask specific questions or seek help for tasks. It should not be beyond the powers of a school to devise a pricing system for post-course support.

I would be really interested to know if any schools are doing this kind of thing. My own online teaching experience has been varied but, on the whole, it has worked well so I feel there are is lots of potential.

Please let me know what you think.

Bye for now.

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