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May 2006 Newsletter: Comments and Feedback

June 06, 2006

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the comment page for the May 2006 editon of "ESL Expert" newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to read this and every published issue of the "ESL Expert" newsletter. We'd really love to read your suggestions and feedback . . .

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  1. Jaime Says:

    I need help of an Injustice and Abuse that has happened here in China at Xiaogan University in Hubai Province.( one hour away West from Wuhan City ) I am already finishing my One year contract teaching English in this University and now the directors of the university has claimed that they have disagrements with my service and that they have complaints about me from the students, when i even have been praised by them , but anyway all this is a charade and just an excuse to take my Airplane ticket refund,my travel allowance, and my payment for this last month that i did this service for them, i will no let them drag in to their play and act of discussing this " complaints and disagreements" when we are 2 weeks away from leaving China , the contract finishes in 2 weeks and it is practically over now as you know,I was even doing final exams, and now they come with this injustice? they say that the directors are discussing this, but we all know that is all a Circus they have created all this last minute drama to "steal " money out of my pocket, now they want to leave me penniless without giving me my money that I deserve for the one year service it is stipulated in the contract and as you know i follow all the way to this time just to be able to take my refunds and go back to Australia my new home as a citizen.but now I won't have a cent to pay for my Airplane return,the other foreigners have giving me charity money that is humilliating being left like this, and I am asking for some one to help me and tell me what to do. I need real help here, I will not leave until I get all of my money back,I have no choice anyway, we know there is not much of a justice system in China as the Western civilization I know there is a foreigns affairs department but who, " powerful " enough can help me, it is now just a complaint written in a piece of paper that leaves me with nothing, this is just unbereable,I was like you reading unjustices like this one and now I am on of them being read by you, and I am asking please tell me If you know some one or what to do I need to know where to go and who to talk to for a Fairness and justice on my job as teacher that has done and finish his service, and there is nothing to " discuss behind doors " as they said to me.

  1. Jasmina Says:

    Dear friend,
    If you have a contract is very easy, you have to keep open view about everything and now ask for help who is between you and them.
    Good luck,Jasmina

  1. Bob Toomey Says:

    Dear Jaime,

    Twelve years ago, I, too, taught at a Chinese university. I hate to give you bad news, but there is nothing you can do, in terms of getting legal advice from the Chinese. I tried for six months! Be nice to the administrators, tell them your side, and explain the positive information. It probably won't help, but don't sink to their level. It simply isn't at our level. Best of luck to you.

  1. Peter Says:

    It seems like a clever way to save a buck. There are many countries like China, notably in Eastern Europe. One of those places is Serbia, a former Yugoslav Republic and the last bastion of the hard core Communism.
    Although the Communism in Serbia is officially abandoned as a doctrine and practice, the entire state still functions like China.

    Communism guarantees impunity. Everyone is allowed to do anything as long as one doesn't comment on government practices. Anyone is allowed to make any statement one pleases to do, anyone can accuse anyone about anything... contracts and promises are made to be breached and broken... and the list goes on ...

    I definitely wouldn't argue with Chinese (as I didn't argue with Serbians) and I would "seek justice" because they have completely different picture and perception of justice and what's generally "right or wrong" Their perception is NOT in sync with most normal countries (and people, if you will)

    My advice: Stay away from places like that unless you really have the time and stomach to deal with extreme unpleasantness.

    I'd like this post to be published as a fair WARNING to all those naive souls rushing into oblivion of China and other not-so-pleasant places to live and teach!

  1. Peter Says:

    Thank you for posting my comments. I firmly believe that ESL teachers should share their experiences, especially the bad ones, so the other folks don't get burned (as some of us did).


  1. Justin Says:

    I was an ESL teacher in Xiaogan University several years ago. My experience there was not too bad. Actually I liked the Chinese people there.

    You may try to talk with higher level administrators. President Wu seemed to be reasonable. Good luck!

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