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January 2006 ESL Expert Feedback and Comments

January 26, 2006

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my comment page for the January 2006 editon of "ESL Expert" newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to read the January 2006 issue of "ESL Expert" newsletter. I'd really love to read your comments and feedback . . .

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Please let me know what you think about this month's articles below and thanks again for stopping in.

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  1. Alison Boston Says:

    Continued from thread: Creativity can't be taught

    Yeah - I don't think we are saying creativity can't be taught, I think we are discussing how creativity can be stifled. Let's change the topic and talk about how creativity can be nutured.

    Joni, you mention teachers who have helped you better understand creativity. Can you elaborate? As someone who teaches - granted not 'creativity' but 'creatively' - I am interested to learn how teachers have helped others.

    One thing I do as an English teacher, is employ the "discovery method" (something I learned when I was taught how to teach swimming of all things!). I think the Discovery Method of teaching inspires independent thinking and independent problem solving, which can in turn nurture creativity.

    What say you?


  1. Jonathan Cemenuk Says:


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