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[the] English-Blog [.com], a New Space for Lovers of English

December 22, 2005

A new English blog that you might be interested in has recently surfaced.

Hello again everyone.

I hope that the number of you who are enjoying a little free time during this holiday period are indeed having a lovely time.

Just a brief post today to plug a new blog that at least a few of you might find some use for. ESLemployment's new editor-in-chief Lee Hobbs is the culprit; you might be familiar with his entries over on ESL-LESSON-PLAN, the blog he is presently administering for Michelle who is on extended leave.

In addition to co-moderating for ESL-Jobs-Forum with Rich Phillips and editing all the ESLemployment blogs and newsletters, i.e. ESL Expert and ESL Instruct, Lee will slowly begin to transition his entries to ENGLISH-BLOG, while ESLemployment finds a permanent writer for ESL-LESSON-PLAN (Look for their job advertisement soon on www.ESLemployment.com).

ENGLISH-BLOG has a set of much more "general" objectives than does ESL-LESSON-PLAN - designed exclusively for ESL teachers - and this blog, ESL-SCHOOL, which is oriented toward ESL director of studies, ESL managers and private owners.

In ENGLISH-BLOG, we should all be able to find something of use if we have an interest in the English language as our passion.

To give you a sense of what his blog will be about, I've blockquoted a few lines from his first rather campy entry below:

It promises to be smart, savvy, witty, and sometimes funny . . . This blog will try to take on the field of English as a whole. While still keeping one foot in the ESL door, this blog will be free to explore other great areas of the English discipline such as composition, literature, rhetoric and linguistics. There will be sub-categories too, eventually, as you are forced to witness my exploration of genre and theory.

So, I hope you'll find it useful. I'm looking forward to the posts on theory as this always makes for interesting discussion with compared to practical, real-life experiences.

I've already put my e-mail address into his notification list, so I'll let you know from time to time when something of interest arises over there. Why don't you click on one of the links to his blog in this entry and see for yourself? If you don't want to leave a comment for him, you might leave one here and let me know what you think.

Until my next post, I'll be out there searching for interesting resources for my ESL-SCHOOL readership.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. How do you like the new format for this blog, ESL-SCHOOL, e.g. the graphics and smaller lead-in paragraphs?

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  1. PittsburghPete Says:


    Oh yeah, I follow that old boy right regularly now, instigator that he is and all. Well I suppose he does make for good coffee table chats and whatnot sometimes. At least in this internet cafe he does occasionally. I appreciate the heads up on that move of location.


  1. Lee Says:


    Thanks for the plug and the kind words about the new English blog. I hope it will find a loyal readership similar to yours. I realize that it will first have to find its "voice" as someone on these forums has already said. If it's all right with you, I'd like to respond to a few of your more controversial entries over there. Hopefully, we'll get some good cross-blog discussions going.

    Looking forward to the challenge and happy holidays to you!


  1. marie Says:

    Hello, fellow ESL teachers. I am currently teaching/living in Ireland. I wold love to do some Internet work but do not know where to start looking, how to manage payment, etc. I would love to hear from someone who has succesfully taught and been paid via the Net.Thhanks in advance for any responses

  1. Jason Figueroa Says:

    I happen to be one of those writers that is applying to ESLemployment to be the new blog/newsletter writer. I find these cross blog conversations fantastic. It shows that there is a dedicated readership, which also shows future readers that there are blogs out there just for them. ESL teachers need this kind of forum to interact and share ideas, to gain confidence and comradory. I sincerely hope that the editors of these blogs are making all the efforts they can to advertise them, for example in Google and Microsoft's new blog search engines and other ESL Forums and ezines. Anyway, till next time good luck with the blog and keep up the creative work.

  1. Ken May Says:

    I have also applied for the Web Writer/Author Position advertised above. I am curious to see how it will work out. There are several teaching blogs already out there, but few of them are consolidated on one website. It would be nice to see some cross-cultural pollination.

    Where are most of you teaching? I am based in Thailand right now. I love it here. My university treats me very well. I have also taught at a teacher traing college in Hungary and the typical Korean "hogwon". Anyone else living in these areas?

    There comes a time when you have taught abroad for so long that you don't really want to go back home anymore. Many English teachers in Thailand get married to a local women and never leave. There is a huge expatriate population here.

    One thing that interests me is how expatriate teaching communities are different in each country. In Korea it was mostly young Canadians. In Thailand there are a large number of older/retired English people. Hungary had a mix. It would be interesting to hear what other posters have experienced?

    Anyway, I have hit the point of knowing that I will teach overseas for the years to come. Therefore, I started writing monthly articles about life as an English teacher. I already publish material every month (EFL history, experimentive methodologies, anti-western sentiments, the quest for teaching certificates, and so forth). You can review any of my articles with the link below.


    Ken May

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