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November 2005 ESL Expert Feedback and Comments

December 09, 2005

Thanks for visiting my web log for the ESL Expert newsletter.

Hello everyone,

I'd like to hear your comments and feedback on the ESL Expert newsletter. Please let me know what you think here and thanks for visiting.



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  1. Sonja Says:

    In response to your article, "Trends"--this is something that would reach those students, as you already mentioned, with multiple intelligences. It would also appeal strongly to ESL teachers who like to develop their own curriculum. For a larger school, I believe it would be best for an administrator to suggest a few ideas for classes, such as Internet English, Tourism English, Essay Writing, etc. and then let the teachers choose (in my experience, there is always a mix of teachers who prefer to create their own class and those who want to be shown some concrete ideas). However, for a smaller school, the administrator would allow the school to benefit from blind surveys of students and their interests, then offer a set amount of classes and allow the teachers to choose which one of those they would like to teach.

    Also, I think that your suggestion for a 20-hour week where the student would study the basics for 15 hours and then more specifics for 5 hours...I have seen this work at the university I teach at, with only a select few amount of classes (Animation English; Newspaper English and Composition)...students everywhere enjoy choice, and even if it's a pithy selection, there's at least a selection that allows the student to tailor-make his or her education according to his or her interests. Isn't this what education is all about anyway? Personalising information?

  1. Kelly Horgan Says:

    Gardner admitted he had no evidence to back up his theory when his book was published--enough said. Of course some people learn best by hearing, others by reading, and others by doing both but as language teachers we need to teach students all 4 skills, no matter how the students prefer to learn.

    Even if you accept that there are all of these "intelligences" how do you:
    indentify "spatial intelligence:
    best teach someone who has spatial but not linguistic intelligence English?

  1. cdouglass Says:

    I read the item which referred to Gardner's Multiple Intelligence with much interest. I taught human learning at the university level and his theory was one of my favorites. We, as instructors, cannot reach all students through listening to lectures. This theory makes ALL students possible good students. Thank you!

  1. Dr.Bithika Dasgupta Sarkar Says:

    Mine is quite a large class.The most noticeable hurdle my students are facing is Mother Tongue Interference.Please suggest me some classroom techniques so that I can help them out.

  1. Mura Says:

    Very interesting site, beautiful design, thank.

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