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What Influences ESL Students in their Choice of School?

October 11, 2005

In marketing courses, schools need to think not just about the students but the people who fund them.

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A British Council survey recently showed that family, governments and employers all contributed to course funding. This means that the decision about where to study could be heavily influenced by people other than the students themselves. The implications of this are that your promotional material needs to be aimed at a wider audience than the students themselves.

Another point to bear in mind is how the decision about which school to choose is made. Again research shows that word of mouth is the biggest influence. Hence satisfied past students are probably your most effective marketing tool. This would suggest that you need to keep in touch with past students and use them as a means of identifying new recruits.

All this leads me to believe that each student enrolled on a coure is a source of vital marketing intelligence. The more you can find out about how each student decided on your school, how he or she funds the course and what he or she will do after the course, the more you can target your marketing effort for the future.

I would be very interested to know how schools gather market intelligence and act upon it. Please share your ideas.

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  1. Rita Capolarello Says:

    The article, "What influences English language students in their choice of school?" was very interesing. I agree that the most effective marketing tool is satisfied students.

  1. Kathleen Whalen Says:

    The article, "What influences English language students in their choice of school? addressed a key point in terms of marketing. The "buying committee" may not soley be the student, but in fact a spouse or a family member, and in the workplace, a supervisor or someone in procurement or human resources.

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