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The Internet for ESL Schools

October 13, 2005

I have been wondering how schools use the Internet now that it has become such a fundamental feature of our lives.

Hello again.

For ESL teachers, the internet is a rich source of free materials that can be downloaded and printed off for classroom use. This in itself is a benefit for schools on a tight materials budget. Many sites exist too that have interactive features so that if students have computer access they can find useful additional practice in pronunciation and listening comprehension, for example.

For the more creative teachers and students it is also possible to set up a website to permit all kinds of useful practice activities. Teachers migh also design their own tests and exercises and post them on the site for the benefit of students after they leave the school as well as during their course.

Plenty of free or shareware software exists to make the design of tests quite easy.

Online level testing is another possibilty that could enable you to pre-test the students before they arrive, provided, that is, that they can be trusted not to cheat! I think it would be really useful if people would share their Internet ideas through this forum.

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