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Observation Feedback

September 20, 2005

Hello again. I wrote recently that lesson obersvation is essential to quality assurance. By the same token, the way the observers give feedback is important in turning observations into a positive experience for all. I have made a list of questions that obersvers need to ask themselevs about the manner in which they give feedback. As an observer giving feedback, ask yourself, do I:

1) Establish and maintain a climate of trust in which learners welcome, even invite, my feedback?
1) Make sure learners understand that I will provide feedback to them during review sessions - and how?
2) (If video was used) Signal the learner to stop the tape, when I see an event I want to discuss?
3) Begin by inviting the learner's self-assessment?
4) Help learners make their own discoveries?
5) Link my feedback to the agreed upon goals when possible?
6) Focus on learners' behaviour and performance, rather than making judgements about them as people?
7) Try to be as specific as possible, referring the learner to explicit events when possible?
8) When possible, begin my feedback with positive observations?
9) Avoid following my positive observations with "but..." and a negative observation?
10) When my feedback is subjective, label it as such: this is my opinion?
11) Avoid overloading learners with feedback?
12) Demonstrate support for learners when providing feedback-giving them help to deal with problems identified?
13) Attend to both what I say and how I say it?
14) Invite the learner's reaction to my feedback?
15) Help learners turn negative feedback into constructive challenges?
16) Provide follow-up to my feedback when appropriate?
Hope this helps. Back soon, Patricia.

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  1. Cvetanka Says:

    I completely agree with your comment.I work with young learners and I find it very interesting. I enjoy teaching them. My classes are never boring,that's what the parents of my learners are telling me all the time. When there is a situation when my learners feel tired or start tnot to pay attention to what am I saying, I use FLASH CARDS. They found them very interesting.They enjoy in working with them. I often play a Memory Game,English words translated into Macedoniam etc. Teaching young learners is a great challenge.
    Hope you agree with me.
    Bue bue

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