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Quality assurance

August 30, 2005

Hello again. As the summer comes to an end in the northern hemisphere, schools are preparing for the start of the new academic year. One of the management aspects that should be on our minds is the way we assure quality for students. For seamless delivery of quality all departments of the school need to work in harmony. All too often I've seen organizations that have pockets of excellence but overall the standard is patchy because the different parts of the school don't know how to work together.

It is not enough to have efficient adminstrators, well qualified teachers and dynamic social organizers if these people don't work within an over-arching system of mutual cooperation. Let me give an example. The administrative staff will gather personal information about students. Some of this will be relevant to the classroom. Say, for example, a student is a diabetic or epileptic: teachers need to know because the student could have a problem in class. But if this information doesn't leave the admin office, then the teacher could be faced with a problem she is not prepared for. A simple system whereby the teacher automatically receives a summary sheet about each student can ensure that key details are passed on.

It is also important to inform students about the schools provisions for quality assurance: tell them in you brochure about accreditation, teachers' qualifications, standards of the facilities, systems for gathering feedback, the complaints' procedure. In today's competitive world, quality assurance is a vital aspect of the school's success strategy. What do you think?

Bye for now. Patricia.

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