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June 08, 2005

Thanks for visiting the Question and Answer section of ESL Expert. Please feel free to leave your questions on hiring practices, staff development, industry trends or any other subjects here. Every month I'll answer the best questions from the previous weeks.



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  1. Sheera Says:

    I'm starting a long term programme to teach English to the adults of an tsunami effected area.
    I'm trying to teach English in a way that will be fun outside the class room. I don't want to make the pupils feel inferior. If you have any ideas I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks

  1. PDean Says:

    Note from Patricia:

    I'm sure everybody wishes you well in your important work. I would like to suggest that you look at these websites for games: http://www.teflgames.com/games.html and http://iteslj.org/links/ESL/Games/

    We can only pray that by being involved in a learning project with generous voulnteers like you, the people whose lives have been devastated by the tsunami will be able to find hope for the future.

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