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Writing an effective job ad

May 31, 2005

Hello again. I thought I'd post a few tips for writing a job ad that really attracts the best candidates. Of course, from the employer's point of view an effective job ad is one that will attract the right candidates and thus make the employee selection process easier. But there are two sides to the coin because, for the candidate, an effective ad is one that makes the job sound attractive enough to be worth applying for. To reconcile these two needs, you have to make the information accurate and tempting without being misleading. If you hype the benefits of the job you may attract a bumper response but you are less likely to achieve a successful recruitment because the candidates will find their expectations are not met.

Get the information right, and you will attract appropriate responses from which to make your selection. Another vital consideration is respect of the employment laws in your own country and the countries where the ad will be seen. It is often illegal to state age or gender preferences, for example. The key information to include is:

· Exact job title (Recently qualified teacher/experienced teacher/director of studies)
· Location (country, region and town)
· Qualifications and experience required (basic requirements and desirable ones)
· Job description (age groups to be taught; special responsibilities; contact hours)
· Benefits (salary, holiday entitlement, health insurance, accommodation, relocation and travel allowances, professional training opportunities)
· Describe the school (size; types of student; facilities; how long established)
· Full contact details, website address and deadline
· Selection process (state if all applications be acknowledged; when will interviews take place and where).

Hope this helps.


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  1. EF English First Says:


    I’m running a couple of franchise based ESL schools in Indonesia. The company that licenses these franchise schools is really huge - when I say huge, I mean it's REALLY HUGE. In fact, they control the largest part of the market in China, Indonesia and Russia. This company has its own independent teacher recruitment department. They do it professionally and, frankly speaking, it saves us from doing all the dirty work. The problem is, it is somewhat costly and sometimes it takes so long to get a new teacher. Even though so, this company allows us – the school owners – to recruit teachers for our schools by ourselves. So my question is, which one is better, to let the company’s teacher recruitment department hire the teachers for us or to recruit the teachers ourselves?



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